Service Details

Final inspection conducted on behalf of buyer & supplier

We assess each factory's capacity and capability in order to guarantee the desired weight, construction, color, and other factors. We also examine labor practices, compliance with labor laws, environmental regulation, and safety rules. When it comes to producing the average number of pieces as per the buyer's request within a specific amount of time to meet schedule, we ensure that our supplier can satisfy our criteria.


When an order is placed, we immediately evaluate and regulate the quality of all garment inputs, including yarn, fabric, accessories, and labeling, and we schedule the timely acquisition of these inputs and their delivery. In terms of style, color, design, and other factors, we allow customers pick and choose the accessories and labels they want to utilize.


In order to obtain the buyer's approval before moving forward with production, we develop and provide samples based on the buyer's design, fabric quality, weight, shrinkage, color fastness, specifications, etc. through our qualified staff of merchandisers and quality controllers, who constantly keep a close eye on sampling and production.

Quality Control/Assurance

Regular factory visits by our quality controllers ensure that we satisfy the demands of our customers. To guarantee that every production will satisfy the needs of the consumer, our quality control personnel are stationed at all manufacturing facilities. We constantly strive to satisfy our clients, therefore we keep an eye on each order from the sourcing of raw materials and accessories to production and finishing.

Production Control

Some sourcing experts merely make one trip to the factories, inspect the equipment, smoke with the managers, and wait for the outcomes. We think the client is cheated by such poor business practices. On the other hand, our headquarters office receives daily updates from the quality assurance team we have working on the manufacturing floor. We make sure that everyone is constantly on task and conscientious by remaining on site, monitoring, and controlling the industrial operations. You shouldn't have to pay for carelessness, so we retain supervision over operations and hold factories accountable.


Even though everything is going well in Bangladesh, a delayed delivery could completely wreck your project. WINBRIDGE is committed to meeting your needs as a client. Sometimes, that entails paying attention to every last detail. We are aware of how crucial deadlines are and will go above and beyond to ensure that deliveries are always made on time by creating the best packaging and keeping track of shipments. Knowing that your product is in capable hands allows you to relax.

Social Responsibility

Winbridge Sourcing works with stakeholders who are willing to follow our example and is unwavering in its commitment to moral business conduct. We are adamant that our commitment to enhancing the working conditions at our Manufacturers' manufacturing sites through a clearly defined workplace code of conduct will result in higher morale and higher-quality output. To ensure a commitment to ongoing improvement, we think it is the management's duty to specify the company's social accountability and labor policy.