About Us

Our passion is to be your sourcing guide in Asia as we are specialized on extensive sources with product engineering capabilities.


Since we are experts in broad sources and have the ability to do product engineering, our passion is serving as your sourcing consultant in Asia. We professionally introduce the appropriate factories to customers and offer a full range of services, including evaluating samples, ongoing follow-up, and manufacturing quality control.

Winbridge Sourcing is a remarkable service-driven business with a wide range of sourcing options outside of Bangladesh. Our staff members have a professional demeanor and are dedicated to providing all forms of client service. We also have a large network of suppliers and the ability to source fabrics, making it the most affordable competitive price available for any product.

Our Product

We are capable to produce 22 million products per year.

Circular Knit

All Kinds of Circular Knit Product Tee Shirt.


Tops and Bottoms in light weight .


Sustainable Denims.....

Our Service

Some basics about how you do it and why people should care about the service

Supplier Credibility

We also conduct final inspection on behalf of the buyer & Supplier Credibility.


We check right away and control the quality of all garment inputs.


We develop and provide samples as per buyer’s design.